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2011 Festival, here we go!

( français )

2011 festival has been kicked off this afternoon.

To start this 50th edition, the Festival invited retired people from Epinal to a special screening, made of AVs presented in Epinal during the last 50 years.

From Le célibat by Denis Gélin to Chanson pour Marilyn by Bernard Basse, from Quand tu viens chez moi by Vincent Martin to Le petit monsieur en gris by Christian Hendrickx, it’s a large choice of AVs that have been shown to our first audience of the year.

Comments at the end of the screening are unanimous: "do it again !".

No problem: we do it again tonight with a tribute to Epinal’s authors, then on tomorrow and on Thursday for the rest of commemoration screenings. Competition will then start on Friday at 9am.