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The international image festival was founded in 1961 by the mayor of Epinal : André ARGANT. In the preamble to its statutes, this 1901 law-ruled association had set up the following aims :

- the promotion of an event linking the traditional popular image, the old images which had made the reputation of the city to the new, modern images using up-to- date audio visual devices.

- the involvement in the building of Europe on a humane scale; the aim was to set up an event whose reputation and interest would go far beyond our national borders and where people coming from different countries in Europe would meet

- the development in France and in the world too of this new technique of creation, expression and popular communication known as slide-show.

In a short time, the Epinal festival became THE reference, on the European level as well as on the world-wide level since slide-shows coming from all over the world took part in the competition. Since 1961, over 4000 slide-shows have been shown and thousands of competitors have come to Epinal.

In 1997, Epinal is the first festival to open in the digital technology still beginning with experimental projections, and the creation of a competition of creativity. In 2002, it gave birth to digital slide-shows which, in hardly 3 years, almost put an end to traditional slide-shows. It was at that time when Epinal co-founded with Hayange and Rijen (The Nederland) the “Supercircuit”, a joint venture of competitors.

In 2009, the association decided to turn to new techniques in digital creativity