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Attempt to define the “diaporama”

( français )

The word “diaporama” has been first used in 1958 by Claude Madier, while he was in charge of the Photo-Club in Vichy. The usual definition mentions “a flow of pictures screened with the crossfade technique on a single screen along with a sound track”, provided the consistancy of the entire show is characterized by the intellectual input of the author.

With this definition in mind, it’s not surprising that most of the small audio visual presentations shown on the Web are not real Digital AV’s, and we must agree that the concept of “intellectual input” is enough unprecise to let room to various interpretations. In the festivals, the strong objection “but it’s not a diaporama !” is a great and classical remark...

Nevertheless, far from these high level questions, the Digital AV is today recognised as a full mean of expression, quite easy to set up and work with, along with almost unlimited possibilities.

Technical progress, digital sound and photography, make the Digital AV a perfect audiovisual tool to inform, to give evidence, to let people dream... Moreover, with the introduction of new generations of softwares, it’s already possible to create and transmit Digital AV’s at the finger tip.