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How to apply

( français )

Details of the competition

- The competition is opened to directors of digital slide shows from all around the world, as long as the conditions described in the 2011 regulation are fulfilled.

- for only 10 euros, each author can send as many slide shows he wishes.

- a new thematic competition has been added within the traditionnal competition of slide shows.The 2011 topic is "If I may dare". You can choose to participate just in the general competition or in both. Which means that diaporamas in the scope of the theme can compete for the specific prizes of the thematic competition and at the same time for the Cup of Europa, as detailed in the 2011 regulation.

- These diaporamas will also be subjected to the preselections as well as those competing for the Cup of Europa only.

- Please note that the works which participated in the 2010 topic “the day before” can be presented to the 2011 competition.

Participation rules

To apply to the 2011 edition, from April 26th to May 1st, you need to send us:

- the slide show(s) as self executable files ;

- an identification sheet (one per slide show). See below for download. a mini poster depicting a picture of the slide show (one per slide show, size 600x800) ;

- the contribution fee representing 10 € per entry (no matter how many slide shows are sent by the author) ;

- an ID picture or a portrait of the author and/or the team director (size 600x800);

- the mention “thematic competition” for works in the scope of the topic ;

- a french summary of the text if there is any (not a summary of the slide show).

The set should be sent before March, 13th 2011.

You can send it :
- through dematerialized means to the following address : festivimage[dot]epinal[at]gmail[dot]com (please replace[dot] with a . and [at] with a @)

- by mail, on CD or DVD, to the following address : Festival International de l’Image, BP 418, F-88010 Epinal Cedex, France

In both cases, please read the participation rules in the digital slide shows regulation which is available for download below.

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