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The thematic competition

This year again, we maintain the thematic competition inside the general competition

Which means that every author wishing to subject us a sequence in the chosen theme will be in competition for the Cup of Europe in the competition called "general" and at the same time in competition for the specific endowments reserved for the competition called "thematic".

For 2017, the selected theme is : "Mirages"

When subscribing, the authors are invited to specify if their sequence(s) are intended to compete in the thematic section.

No additional fees will be requested : all you have to pay is the 15-euro lump sum, no matter the number of sequences and in whatever competition.

Please note that slide shows in the scope of the theme will be subjected as the others to the preselection jury.

All the rest (shape, contents, images, sounds, texts) is left to the free choice of the competitors, who have no other constraints than to join the theme and to answer the usual conditions detailed in the general regulation.