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AXN by Jean-Marie Villeneuve

( français )

(France, 2016)

With Hugo Malpeyre, Sébastien Novac, Matthieu Moerlen, Vanessa Kryceve and Mathieu Lagarrigue.


AXN is a death experience. He who kills leads his dead persons to the other side. A living nightmare against a backdrop of marital exhaustion.

Jean-Marie Villeneuve

Jean-Marie Villeneuve was awarded best director at the Indianapolis International Film Festival in 2014 for his comedy, The Cream. His first full-length film Tout est Faux (Everything Is False) has received critical success in France. AXN has been screening in the 2016 New York Independent Film Festival, 2016 Staunton’s first international film festival, 2016 Ekurhuleni International Film Festival in South Africa (best Screenplay)...